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Flygt: Do you know why it was abandoned? It is very impressive, sounds like the location is pretty good. Who was operating the hotel? I’m going to do some research on this one; it looks (exterior at least) to be in pretty good shape.

Excellent architecture How come it is abandoned? I never had a chance to see San Miguel de los Baños thanks for sharing this photos @flygt
Can you go inside and wander around? I was there in 2004 and was able to walk through the building to the roof, not sure about now but google maps shows that the grounds are being kept cleaned of brush and trees at least. Abandoned might not be the correct term as I imagine that the Cuban government would partner with a company to conserve the building.

hfxjohn: thanks for that link. It’s a shame that a beautiful structure like San Miguel de los Baños has been allowed to go to the dogs. The Woodhouse photos show that even the exterior has been neglected. Would have loved to see it in its original state.

I shot a music video in there years ago and it was pretty much a mess then, unless there has been some solid efforts at putting some protection in place I’d imagine it would be a write-off by now…Cheers,


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