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San Miguel is a small, unpretentious but elegant hotel which offers a spectacular view of Havana harbour. A terrace extends across the hotel on the third floor. One can sit and write postcards, have a mojito and sometimes a meal. Sometimes big freighters pass by. Across the harbour, one can see the massive fort, ranged with cannons and a lighthouse. Looking below, one can watch all manner of vehicular and pedestrian traffic passing to and fro. The hotel is a short walk from old Havana in a safe and friendly neighbourhood. The most important asset of this hotel is its staff. The people at the front desk are consistently friendly and helpful. They answered our questions knowlegably, referring us to competent drivers, guides and good restaurants. They were always interested to hear what we had seen in our travels. Breakfast is served in the Ballroom, a very pleasant environment. The menu is the same every morning so rather tedious. We think this feature could be improved.

We were disappointed that there was no Wifi. Although there is a computer available, we were not able to access our email account.

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