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Insects seem to be fussy eaters! Mosquitos love me, anywhere in the world, but nearly leave my husband alone. With no-see-ums, it’s the other way around. Sand fleas…well, we’re off to Jibacoa in March, so will let you know!

There is a product called Solarcain which is designed to take the sting out of sunburn which also relieves itching from insect bites.

It’s a mild "topical"anaesthetic lotion, meaning it slightly numbs the skin where you put it on. It gives several hours of relief, and unlike those bite-sticks, it doesn’t sting if you have already scratched the surface of the skin.

I wouldn’t use it all-over or for long periods, but a small dab on particularly itchy bites is blissful relief for several hours! It does NOT deal with the underlying reaction or help with any infection, though, so if you have true allergies or an oozing sore, get that seen to properly.

(It works for sunburn too, though that’s easier and more important to avoid than the bug-bites.)

If you take a bottle with you, leave the unused portion with the nurse or Doctor at the resort.

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