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Also wondering whether the sand fleas are more prominent in a certain location??

Ive been bitten both is Varadero and Cayo Guillermo… I think they just love me lol

My first time to CUBA in Cayo Coco, I was eaten alive but on my four trips since, only a bite or two.

hahaha I hear yea cubaisgreat…. I was surprised this year to find them EVERYWHERE… darn things…

I was bitten big time while vacationing at the Club Kawama, Varadero, it was not a fun experience! We vacationed in Varadero again last year and never got a bit! Go Figure?

We have visited many places in Cuba but have only been bit in Santiago de Cuba. That said, we would still go back there in a heart beat! put on the benedryl cream or make sure the fly repellent is on….Brisas Sierra Mar is till our gem in the south.

My first trip was to Santa Lucia, but it didn’t take me long to work out how to avoid them. I spray my legs every morning before walking the beach and whenever the sand is cool,(early morning or late afternoon) I respray. Rinse the sand from my legs before heading to my room and have a hot, soapy shower right after the beach. Never had problems again!

Gee .. I have never had any problem with them …

I guess it because I spend all my time in Havana and only head for the beach after days of pursuation .. and even then they just dont like me … the sand fleas that is…

I would tell you how I am 9 for 9 in avoiding the darn things but I don’t want to jinx myself going next time 🙂

Too bad there wasn’t a place to vote for zero. I do however sympathize with those who do have a problem.2005 Guardalavaca. We were there 2 weeks, 3 other couples one week each; no flea bites.2007 Varadero. We were there for 2 weeks with 2 other couple for two weeks as well. One of the ladies did get some bites, likely fleas, and the bites were not pleasant. This same lady is also bothered quite significantly by mosquitoe bites; I sometimes wonder if there is a connection. My much better other half, blood type A+, is sometimes bothered by mosquitoes but has not been affected by sand fleas (touch wood). We never lay in the sand however, we are either walking the beach, in the water or on a beach chair.

Wish I had put down never/ nowhere as an option. If I could figure out how to do it i would change it. It is a good question, how many people have never been bitten??? If I didn’t have two polls up already I would add one on the blood type issue. That might be interesting……perhaps another time.

Looks like Varadero and Santiago de Cuba are the big winners but I can’t help wondering if it is just because more people vacation there than elsewhere??

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