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has anyone got any info good or bad about sandals antigua. It would be a great help.thanks carol

Hi Carol, did you ever receive information about this Sandals resort? We just got back from Secret Capri in Mayan Rivera, Mexico and are interested in going to Sandals Antigua next January.

Hi prrolltSorry no I had no replies so still none the wiser,but would still love some info.


CarolSince you haven’t received any info, I’ll offer what I can. I haven’t been since January 2000 – so things may have changed.Meals were generally good. As with most AI the a la cartes are better. The buffet was a typical AI, decent food, but nothing to write home about. We really enjoyed the Japanese restaurant the best. I think maybe in part because you shared a table with 6 or 8 other guests. And the chef was entertaining.The customer service was great. No complaints. All the staff treated us well.The spa was wonderful. We did the couples massage which was the massuer teaching you how to massage your partner. It is 2 hours – 1 hour massage on your partner and the other hour on you. That was the BEST massage I have ever had!We stayed in the Grande Luxe Beachfront Concierge Room. Not quite as large as it looks in the pictures, but still roomy. The beach / sand was very nice. The beach on the smallish size, but not crowded. There are 2 or more resorts on the beach and you can easily walk from one end to the other, but it didn’t seem crowded. Mind you there was always a lot more activity on the beach than the pictures in their brochure!We spent a lot of time playing tennis – the week we were a tennis pro was offering free lessons (I think he received a reduce rate on his room). The courts were in very good shape, but could be busy if you didn’t book early.The pools were all in good shape and they were everywhere. No problem finding one close to your room.The only other thing I can think of is although this resort is old – I was there before it became a Sandals in 1981. So in some parts it’s age does show, but overall it’s a nice resort. Comparing Sandals to other AI resorts that we have stayed in since – Playa Pesquero Holguin, Sol Sirenas Coral in Varadero – I would highly recommend this Sandals.Let me know if you need any more information.Good luck.


HI 3d thankyou for the info it all helps with my research


thanks prrollt very interesting seems like a good site

As requested, here is the special promo that Sandals sent me … was not $$ related … YET.Here is what it looks like, verbatim:To help celebrate the all-new Mediterranean Village at Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa, we are pleased to announce a new triple play promotion where the consumer, the travel agent and the tour operator all win!1. Clients receive a $1,000 “Butch Bucks” gift certificate for their next booking at any Sandals or Beaches Resort2. The travel agent receives a 3 night stay at Sandals Grande AntiguaBooking Window: June 14 –July 14, 2006Travel Window: February 1 –December 31, 2007Resort: Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & SpaCategories: All six suite concierge categories in the new Mediterranean VillageMin. Length of Stay: 6 Nights

Hey Shine…so what does this spell for the customer? PM me if you want.

Hey Shine…so what does this spell for the customer? PM me if you want. No problem, I’ll answer here … for the customer/client, would be the $1000 "Butch Bucks" to use on their next vacation to any other Sandal resort.

FYI I don’t believe that the 3 days for the agent doesn’t include airfare

Does anyone have any updated information on Sandals Antigua.? The reviews I have read on other forums are not that great and somewhat discouraging! IF anybody would would like to share recent experiences in 2007-08, it would be appreciated..

Don’t have a lot of time, but we were just there and it was alright, if you can get a decent deal it’s worthwhile.

FYI I don’t believe that the 3 days for the agent doesn’t include airfare

– me too… this is hard to believe

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