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Hey all! We are going to Sandals Regency in April and are SO excited! Been to Sandals Hicacos in Varadero this past January. I know the Sandals website says tipping is included, but in Cuba, tipping was everywhere – so is tipping expected at the Regency as well? Also what currency is used the most? I’ve seen reference to both the US $ and the eastern Caribbean currency. What should I take/use?

Holy cow I have no idea why I said April, but we’re going in January!

Haven’t been to Sandals, Stayed at Cocunut Beach this May , we mainly used american $, got some Caribbean $ for change more than once but were able to spend them rather quickly . Tipping , well , it’s usually your choice , I don’t know that anyone will refuse your tipping should you choose to do so ! ;D ;D. We did at times and didn’t others, , didn’t see any real difference in the service, , anyway , if you take US $ you will be OK , By the way , this is a very scenic place, you will love if this is your first trip there !

Would love to have someone answer this post – we are going to Sandals Halcyon in March and have only been to other Sandals in Cuba – is tipping the norm in St Lucia or not?

Tipping is not necessary in St. Lucia Sandals, I did leave a tip for my concierge the day I left for good additional services.

Now back from a week at Sandals Halcyon: tipping is not allowed, and an employee will be dismissed if they accept a tip.We have been to Sandals in Cuba, where tipping is allowed; I am inclined to go with the model that allows it, since it is so much more democratic (and isn’t that a shot at politics; tipping is allowed in Cuba, not in other Sandals!!!)

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