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We are going to this resort in Feb/2007. We are two couple. I was wondering if any of you would have any suggestions for GOOD things not to miss and/or things that we should not wast our time with. This resort seems to be very nice!!!!!

As far as things in jamaica or things at the resort? I had friends stay there when it frist opened said it was quite lavish you should have a splended time.Explore Jamaica, once you go you know! I would definately recommend doing Dunn’s River Climb, It is quite a trek from Negril but quite worth it TRUST me! I would also recommend a plantation tour. I really enjoyed the luminious lagoon, but it was near where I stayed and I wouldn’t want to drive or ride on Jamaician roads at night for that.Dunn’s River for sure!! It really is worth it, and DON’T pay a tour gude to take you up the falls take yourself up, you can go at your own pace.


I will also be visiting the Whitehouse in early Feb.
This will be my 7th trip to Jamaica. The Dunns River tour is worth it. I was thinking I may do the Appleton Rum Distillery tour this time. Has anyone done this tour?

Thank You guys for your comments which are well taken. If anyone was at Withehouse, how was the snorkeling? Can you do it from the beach or do you have to go on the little boat?

Is it true that you don’t need cash per say? I was told that once you are one the resort, that they take a print of VISA and you can purchase everything from your room key? Gifts, massage etc…

You should be able to charge to your room, I have done this on vacation before, just make sure you look over your charges VERY carefully before you leave.No idea about the snorkling.


Hey thank You Flopnfly. I like this link. Most of my questions area answered there.


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