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Our experience at this resort is 4.5 out of 5. The white line painted on the sidewalk from one end of the resort to the pool before the beach is the #1 best idea. A resort of this size, and a couple of cocktails, you could get lost easily. Just follow the line to either read "Beach – Playa" up-side-up or up-side-down depending on the direction you are heading. They have no timeshare people there. They offer you a Sandos inclusive Elite Club. This is offered by the hotel. DON’T! It is a form of timeshare. They always say otherwise but in other to pressure sale you something of better appeal, it is linked with some timeshare catalog and a 30 year contract. These numbers can change etc. but I won’t go on as they do. Only recommendation, even if they tell you it isn’t timeshare, don’t get caught. I took 0,5 points off because of this but on that morning, the number would have been a lot bigger giving them a bad rating.

The WI-FI is far from being good. It is extremely slow. Skype won’t work and even trying to book my plane seats….the airline website would not allow me to get on. Lucky for me, I was able to use one of the PC’s they have for internet and that one worked fine. Still, don’t offer WI-FI if it is of this inferior quality. I’ll go to Starbucks!!!

Room Number:

The check-in was done in a very timely matter. The staff was not rushing me through either which is great. Always some juice available at the lobby which is nice and refreshing even though you can also pick the lobby bar.

Very nice, large and clean room. It had a king size bed, couch and 2 chairs, shower and a whirlpool tub. The safe is included. The directions have you input a 4 digit number but after failling several times, we contacted maintenance. He informed me it required 6 digits to work and dis-regard the instructions. It worked properly with the right number of digits. The refrigerator was filled with 4 beers, 4 Pepsi, 2 7-up and 2 orange pop. It was re-stocked daily. A complimentary fruit plate was also left for us. No other surprises as we were told others in our area were getting. This is located in the "Adults only" section.

Restaurants and Bars: We went to the buffet all the time. The Festival. This one had more choices than the other buffets. We didn’t do any "A la carte" If you plan to do them, you need long pants and shoes for the French one.

We were always pleased with the selection and quality of the food at the Festival. We even ask about the way an item was made and Manuel, the chief chef came to our table to answer. As we complimented him on not only the item in question but all of the selection, he was very noble and simply thanked us and offered to be there for us if we needed anything else.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The adult section pool was great since it has lots of room vs the number of users. We didn’t stay at the other pools which seemed busier and louder. They were all very well kept though…very clean.

The beach is very nice and devided in sections depending in which section or bracelet you are wearing. This allows you the chance to have a spot.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The evening shows are very good. We attended 4 out of the 7. 2 we missed simply because we were just too tired and the 1 we walked away from was the "beach party". It didn’t attract us but another couple from our area that were vacationning at the same time did attend it and praised it.

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