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This place needs renovations but I enjoyed my stay anyway, it is more like an old charm but for the price, you get what you paid for and I didn’t expect so much from them. The trick to enjoying this place is to not stay indoors all day and stare at the ceiling, if you are here on vacation then try to make it fun for yourself so you don’t have to bother about the renovations or upgrades that this hotel needs, I certainly didn’t let that bother me. I spent most of my vacation days in the pool and the very clean sauna. My room had an amazing ocean view and it was great. The rooms are clean as maids were assigned to clean the rooms thereby making is super clean, they also tried to provide extra things that you require such as extra towels and other stuff. The Malecon is just across the street so when I’m not in the pool or sauna, I usually just take a walk or stroll and clear my head while seeing some parts of town. The price is great for the services provided, there is easy access for when you need to leave town, great Malecon to walk and it has this Dominican feeling that I couldn’t shake off. I loved the complimentary breakfast which was offered, the buffet breakfast was more than okay. The hotel generally and the rooms are not bad, just some renovations will do the trick. I had an amazing holiday here and will be sure to come back.

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