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So, we spent two weeks in Cuba with fabulously clear blue skies and hot sun. Returned to frigid minus 20 temperatures in not so balmy Toronto. I’m in shorts and sandals, of course – I never take that good advice that says to dress more appropriately. We get to the car, it responds to the remote door open signal and we throw the luggage in. Insert key, and absolutely nothing happens. No battery at all! I trek out to the unmanned gate and hit the intercom, where I’m told that they have no service truck. I trek back to the car and find a friendly traveler who agrees to give me a boost. Alas, his battery won’t get the job done. At this point, my wife opens up with a secret she’s been hiding since we got to the car: I have long pants and a winter coat in the back seat! That was welcome news, as by now fingers and toes weren’t really working at all. I slipped the long pants on right over my vacation shorts. I was too cold to worry about moving the belt from shorts to long pants. Now we turn the problem over to CAA, who arrived and handled the boost in less than thirty minutes. We are finally on our way, just as the snow began. I decided to stop and pay at the self-serve kiosk instead of the gate, just in case the car conked out – I didn’t want to be immobile and blocking a gate. You’re welcome! I go into the kiosk area and here’s a gentleman struggling to follow the steps to pay his tab; he asks if I can help. No problem, let’s do it together. Insert ticket, follow prompts on screen. I get to final step and turn to the man saying, “How would you like to pay for this?” It is at this exact moment that my pants fall down around my ankles, and when I look at my wife in the car with eyes like saucers and the weirdest look on her face. I really felt right then that I could use a good belt, but the rum was locked in the trunk.

Worst part of this saga wasn’t the white knuckle drive home in the blizzard, it was that the man didn’t even notice my pants drop…or didn’t, at the very least, show any interest!

Well Terry: thank you for your comment. But the rules say "start a new thread", so that’s what I did. I know it isn’t scary but it sure was funny. It was really funny after the fact that the pants were on and off so quickly but I don’t it was

Continued,,,,, it was not sketchy but it sure was funny. When the pants fell down it did make me laugh but realized he might be getting ‘freezer burn’. At home, the freezer burned meat tastes really awful – you know! So I tried to keep a straight face and commiserate but it really took a while. I was the female and he was the one who was supposed to follow what he told me to do – shows that you should always listen to a female.
Well Terry: thank you for your comment. But the rules say "start a new thread", so that’s what I did. I know it isn’t scary but it sure was funny. It was really funny after the fact that the pants were on and off so quickly but I don’t it was

No flies on Sund0g! If she hadn’t been so observant & told others of the posted rules, it looks like she would win the Stashbelt because she’s the ONLY person who fulfilled the contest entry correctly. Mind you, sounds like her husband really needs that belt! Contest Rules:

– Start New Thread / NEW STORY

No flies on me Mad, maybe a few cobwebs! But I still have my NS humour; a lot of people don’t get it. Pearson should have given out snow shovels as well as battery charges to get cars mobile again! And actually I was trying to get the belt for myself!!

You guys crack me up! Read the t&c of this contest!!!

"Tell us your scariest travel story! – Have you been robbed in Dominican Republic? Mugged in Mexico? Loose your luggage in Cuba? StashBelt helps you travel in safety and style, tell us your story about how your trip took a turn for the worse – and how Stashbelt would’ve helped! We’ll pick our favorite stories and Poll Debbies forum. Winner gets their very own StashBelt!

So far there is only one contender! LOL

Post by selectivedi57 was removed at the author’s request.

Mad, you’re one of those people who read the directions when you buy an unassembled BBQ from Canadian Tire, aren’t you!

Hey … I was only yanking chains, and really enjoyed reading other members’ travel YIKES stories. We can all learn from them. I think that if we crowd-sourced selectivedi’s getting-to-the-airport-on-time post, we could work a creative use of StashBelt in there. Maybe to restrain the dog? Seriously, that could be a contender! Get back in the game, selectivedi! Kudos to Zee & StashBelt on collaborating on this “contest”. Are there entries from other destinations that we’re not seeing?As for reading instructions for putting together a bbq … I find that it’s much easier to lay out all the pieces and treat it like a Sudoku puzzle.

Mad: You’re so correct. Rules are rules, and one rule is to describe "… how Stashbelt would’ve helped!" I do have more travel disruptions (as we all do); and the Guatemala episode would have given me a heart attack. Perhaps you could redo and explain how Stashbelt would’ve helped! Same with Selectivedi.

If I have a shot at it all I can say is that my story did involve a belt. I love the stories; but maybe a lot can be reworded and reposted so that my odds are even. Your story so far is the most harrowing. Gives me the shivers.

well now Mad I so agree with you. I’m hanging my head in shame for not reading the rules….well I never go by the rules – then I thought well what the he** will I do with a stashbelt if I don’t have anything to stash? So, you’re right..rules are rules. (how the heck can I compete with a gun to your head anyways?) (and don’t bother with bbque instructions….just get people to invite you over to their bbque dinner)……

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