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>:(Two girlfriends of mine stayed at the Seastar Inn over Xmas / New Year’s, and they found a pinhole camera in their room, behind a clock on the wall (SICK). They left the property and contacted a couple of the local police nearby. The police said that the owner of the Seastar Inn (Chris) was a good friend of theirs and they would ask him about it but that no investigation would be necessary. The police also told my friends that Chris had been involved with a Jamaican girls webcam studio in the house he rented on the property next to the Seastar Inn, and ran it with his Webmaster and another fellow from Canada, but that the business was now finished. After all this, my friends reported the Seastar Inn to the Negril Resort Association. All 3 of us were supposed to go to the Seastar for Spring Break, but NO WAY are we we now. It’s creepy. I feel sorry for anyone that’s been taken advantage of in such a sick and perverted way.

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