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My husband and I have been to Secrets Maroma Beach twice. The first time the resort was not finished. Unhappy you ask? Yes a little. However, on our second visit all the bells and whistles were finally finished and boy was it worth it!

Your Arrival:
Upon our second arrival we were greeted by the same bellman we had been greeted by before and get this he recognized us! Although, we had been there twice in one year. We were also greeted by a wonderful cocktail and nice cool towels…ahhh home, at least for the next 7 days. The bellman whisked away our luggage and then we were escorted to our room!

The room! Whats not to like? It was very modern and old school charming as well. The bed is HUGE and so comfortable. The shower in the bathroom area is small but very conveinent for us ladies who need to shave our legs before going out to beach, due to its bench seating! The vanity is huge and perfect for applying makeup before dinner! The mini bar has everything you could ever want, beer, soda, and juice. All of which you are able to have. Whatever you use they replace the next day. Plus, if you don’t want a certain item just leave a note and they will replace it with what you want. For example, we don’t drink Diet Coke so we asked them to only bring regular and they did! We had a Garden view room. We had a swim up room. A swim up room means that you have a private, well semi private pool outside your room. That was a great feature especially first thing in the morning before getting breakfast. You can just hop in the minute you get up..its very refreshing. However, although your little cove is private you are sharing the stretch of the pool with the other people who have the same types of rooms. All in all the rooms are the best!!!

Restaurants and Bars:
Ahhh my favorite part..eating and drinking! The swim up bar..seriously how can that be bad? A lot of my afternoon was spent drinking margaritas at the swim up bar! All of the restaurants are good. Some are better than others of course. My favorite was the italian and french restaurants, Bordeaux and portofino! The fiesta night is good too its all authentic mexican food and a pretty much a big party. The international cafe’, I believe its called, has different themes on differents nights. You will be left the " Sundial " each night for turndown. The "Sundial" is a piece of paper that will tell you what resturants are open each night, the drink of the day, and what activites are going on and at what times. Check that little piece of paper otherwise you probably wont know what is going on at the international cafe’ … and it is definatly not something to miss!! All the meals I had there were great! If you are a sushi fan the Asian restaurant is GREAT! The best I’ve ever had! As for the lobby bar, the drinks were good and it was very relaxing!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: What would a mexican getaway be without beaches and pools. If you don’t know Secrets Maroma is situated on one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world. I for one believe every word of that! The sand is soft and white and the water is so so blue! Nothing is better than getting a kayak and paddling out first thing in the morning! By the way the Kayaks are included and they can be found on the beach under a tiki hut. The beach is calming and soothing to one’s soul. Magical!

As for the pools. I loved the pools. Sometimes the beach gets really hot so being able to hop into the pool is a great feeling. There are two pools. There is an infinity pool and the regular pool. The only complaint I have about that is that the pools are divided by a walkway and I would have preferred to have a bridge or something you could swim under to get to it. Other than that they were awesome! However, during the day at certain times they play pool polo and volleyball. if you don’t want to get hit by a ball or don’t feel like being pestered about playing I would stay away from that area during that time.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities! Well you could never get bored. There is tequila tasting, wine tasting, salsa making, volleyball, water polo, kayaking, snorkeling, game room, etc. If you want to pay a little money there is excursions that can be booked and when you arrive they will let you know where and when to book. You can go shopping in Playa del Carmen, although you can grab a cab and do it yourself and its cheaper! You can go to Xel-ha, which is a ecological tourist trap…but I have to say it is fun! Worth the money? Nah but still fun! Tulum is awesome..I would say its a must if for nothing else but the view of the beach and the swimming. There are booze cruises and bar hopping tours. Trust me there is a ton to do on and off the resort. If you do nothing else check out playa del matter how you get there!

Other Comments:
Amazing trip and I intend to take a third!!! OlaH!!!!!!

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