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My husband and I went to Secret Silversands for 1 week. We were really excited as we do not travel very often. We got to the resort and it truelly is very beautiful. You are made to feel like gold your first day there. But we found that the food was fantastic, the day entertainment staff was what might make you want to come back and the bar staff are second to none. But every other service that was at this resort was terrible! Our Sunwing rep from our carrier was a no show then 20 minutes late on our meet and greet. The concierge staff always looked to busy or not interested to help you. Our housekeeping staff was very persistant. They tried to clean you room as early as 8am. Come on we are on vacation. If you tried to get them to come back your room was not made up until after 5pm. Our room was constantly interrupted by cleaning staff, then a seperate person for the mini bar, then another person to stock the upgraded mini bar, then the people that bring you your new towels, face clothes, then we are interrupted by yet another person for your turn-down service. They make you feel guilty for wanting to take a nap on your vacation. Even if you put your do not disturb sign up, they still call you!!! The night entertainment was not very good and by that I mean terrible!!!! The last crap they pulled with the guests was the night before we left they have a convention of 80 Doctors from around the globe stay as over flow at the resort- No problem except that they were given 1st priority everywhere since the hotel wanted to make a good impression. So they were being greeted in our restaurants (3 of the 7 were closed that night allready)and put on the list ahead of all the guests who have been staying at the resort all week. We ended up having to wait 40 minutes (that was the smallest wait time in the whole restaurant) and the wait staff suggested to us that we should have come earlier for our meal so as to not disturb the new arrivals. Seriously!

Like I said, the day entertainment staff, bar tenders and the food are all that redeem this place! Really dissapointed!

Room Number:

Room Block:

Jan 11, 2011 – Jan 18, 2011

Were very nice, we upgraded to a Full Oceanview room and it was sooooo worth the upgrade!!!

Restaurants and Bars:
The best food I have eaten yet!!! The bars and bar staff were fantastic!!!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pools were really nice but very cold. Wouldn’t have been a problem except the weather was wet and cold too! Beach was a big let down! Our travel book from Sunwing, Air Canada, etc. claim that the beach is a 5 and in fact it was a typo. It is meant to read a 2. (Big difference) It was covered in seaweed. They clear it off every morning but it is back around noon.

Grounds were very nice!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The day entertainment staff were fantastic!!!! There is never a shortage of things to do and they make sure to make you feel very welcome!

We did not really do anything off the resort as our Sunwing rep was a no show for our first meeting then was 20 minutes late for our second meeting. His job was to introduce us to all that we are able to do outside of the resort as well as confirm our return flight! We were so rushed and his english was so bad that we hardly understood him! Not very impressed!

Other Comments: Most of the staff (Bar and entertainment excluded) made you feel like once you paid the price to stay here that they really didn’t have to do much more then that! I felt like I was intruding on their space! I don’t mean to sound pompous but we paid really good money to be there and it really felt like that didn’t matter to anyone there. They could have tried a heck of a lot more to go that extra mile and we were in the VIP section of the resort. I can only imagine the treatment that the people might have received that were not VIP’s. (WE upgraded our room and that was what made us VIP’s)

My husband and I travelled to Cuba last and that resort/staff made you feel like you were family, they went every extra step to make your stay a very pleasant one, and Secret Silversands made us feel the opposite… once you have paid for the trip there is no reason left to impress!

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