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Hi, me and my family are coming here in October but have always done all inclusive hotels.Can anyone recommend decent places to eat and drink and what sort of prices you can expect to pay?Cheers Tim.

Prices can vary a lot (from US$20 to US$200 for 2 people) depending on what you want (fancy restaurant, light snack, casual evening meal etc).Near by places to eat would be:

  • Turners Beach Restaurant
  • OJ’s Beach Bar
  • Three Martinis
  • Dennis (at Ffryes beach)
  • COCOS Restaurant (at COCOS Hotel)
  • Bocciolo Restaurant (at Jolly Harbour)
  • UTSAV (at Jolly Harbour)
  • Sheer (at Cocobay Resort)
  • Cocobay Restaurant (at Cocobay Resort)

There are plenty of other places to eat. Most hotels on the island have their own restaurant which you can book a table at as well some small roadside places. If you are renting a car then English Harbour has a nice selection of places.There’s also a supermarket at Jolly Harbour (Epicurean) where you can pick up snacks, drinks, groceries (although they are not the cheapest place).

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