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Sell Off Vacations is the worst company for customer service. I usually travel 2-3 times per year. Booking through them was the biggest travel mistake I have ever made. The agent misrepresented the service that I was booking and then customer service wouldn’t do a thing to help. They do nothing to assist theclients when there are issue’s with the carrier. They just want to collect the money and leave you stranded. I would never in a million years book through them again. Speaking to the Customer ServiceDept. and the so called Manager of Customer Service was a big let down, offering no assistance. Do youself

a favour and use a reputable Travel Agent and Sell Off Vacations is not at all reputable.

Sorry for your problems. It would be nice to know more specifics. If you were a regular here, you’d know that many members prefer to book with a real, live person face to face. If you take the price and info to a local travel agent, almost always they will match the best price you have found. In reality, if you do the research, all internet offers are almost identical in price anyway.I used Sell-Off many years ago and didn’t have a problem. You only find out how good your agent/company is when there is a problem though.

If you travel that often, it’s well worth it to find a local agent and build a relationship with them. The more travel and vacations get discounted, the more ‘problems’ are happening. There’s always a thread on TA about someone mad at Transat, Sunwing, AC, etc. They are all bad at customer service IMHO.

Very true dax. We always book with a travel agent. If I see a great deal on the internet, I print out a copy, call up my travel agent at Sears Travel and they match the price. Then we go and do the necessary paperwork and its all done. If we have any problems or questions, I exactly know who to call.

I agree it is important to build a relationship with a travel agent, if you can find one to trust. Seems they ( for the most part) just want to sell you a vacation and forget about you. Change of subject……….I travel to Cuba and Mexico quite often but this year I am finding it next to impossible to find a genuine deal. I get at least 10 e-mails a week from a variety of travel companies claiming huge savings for vacations but they turn out to be BS. Anybody out there have any hints on how to find REAL deals ? Thanks

Have to agree that the prices to Cuba especially are much higher than in the past few years. Also agree that the ‘deals’ are all BS. I sent a note to TravelZoo a few days ago requesting that they adjust their policy of showing the price without taxes for holiday trips on their top 10 lists. After you click, then you see the ‘taxes’ are almost the same price as the holiday and no deal at all. They have already changed ‘flight only as per the law but holidays are not covered under the Cdn. law.

We’re headed back to Mexico next time. Far better value in our opinion.

Hey Dax, I agree, Mexico is a far better vacation……edible food for starters, I love Playa del Carmen, always have a great time there, when I tire of it I travel to Tulum to visit my buddies, they bought property and built 3 homes on it, always a room for me !

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