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Hi,I have recently joined the forum and am wondering whether anyone has knowledge and/or experience sending mail and money to Cuba. Two firms have interested me but I am not sure whether they are still in business and/or reliable. The firm I found to send money was Transcard and the one to send mail was called I have had a pretty good luck sending postcards on my own but not much with sending letters. One arrived but the second did not. I have also sent two small parcels by regular mail, only one of them arrived.If there is anyone out there who has had experience with either of these organizations I would appreciate hearing from you.Thanks!
I use Duales…… fast and convenient…… the Cuban needs a Duales card issued to them.The commission fee is such that it gets REALLY expensive if you don’t send multiples of 100 CUC.

I use both transcard and carribean transfer, for a while transcard had problems, it took 3 weeks for the money to get there. for about 5 months I used CT, then I had a problem with CT, took 2 weeks, so I switched to transcard again. Transcard is less expensive. the choice is yours, go online and read all about it lol. carribean transfer charges 23 US dollars for 150 CUC, and Transcard charges a bit less, so if neither is having problems I take the less expensive one. I have sent many letters and post cards to Cuba from Canada and they have never been delievered. OCL

Thanks for the suggestions for the money transfers. I’ll try to get my friend set up when I visit in February.
You have to do it from here…. although I am sure it can be done in Cuba. Find out where they have their offices to set up a card.. they are not everywhere.

Check the various websites, Duales…etc…. and see what information is required.

I use carribean transfer and have for the last 2 years. I send 20 CUC per month and it costs me approx 32 Canadian depending on coversion rate. I have never had any problem with my letter getting there, just sometimes takes a while. I do not send packages because as my friend puts it "it depends on whether the man with the mail needs something that day".

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