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Must be a way to check out prices on the Fed ex website…but I know that we have upgraded to Club Class for our flight down, which allows us to bring an extra 50 pounds or so…….so when you factor in the extra perks you get with this cost, it would be like delivering the stuff for free……

You do realize that if you use a courier service as FedEx or Purolator, that you have to ship it International AIR service. The costs will be astronomical. To ship about 50lbs will cost you over $500.00. The shipment will be tracked and it will be there in a few days. If you use CanadaPost, there is no tracking number, who knows if it will get there and if so, when?

Thanks Guys!It was more the size (lounge chairs for the beach) than the weight, so a 2lb. chair is cheap to ship.
Not really. Your package may be cubed by measurement for cubic feet and the price may come out the same or even more.

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