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On the news, this morning, they were previewing a W-Five show which explores sexual assaults aboard cruise ships. They were saying that you are 50% more likely to be assaulted on board a cruise ship than on land :o. Here’s a blurby from CTV’s W-Five web site:
Saturday Nov. 17 (7 p.m. ET)An investigation into crime aboard cruise ships.Fact: You are more likely to be a victim of a sexual assault on a cruise ship than you are ashore.

The investigation finds that in most cases the assaults are committed by members of the crew and that cruise lines often try to cover up the crimes

For those who cruise, it would be an informative and probably eye opening program to watch.

selectivedi1 Guest

I just watched that show and was shocked at what was being said. My assumption was that cruise ships would be perfectly safe!!! goes to show that crime happens everywhere. Sure opened my eyes. Diane

Having taken 6 cruises, I was schocked to hear of what goes on. Personally have never seen or heard anything on any of the cruises. One must have their eyes open at all times and not attrack attention to themselves. Although that is very hard for some people to do as they are very loud when they have had a few drinks. And regardless of where or how old you are, you should never be alone, especially on a cruise ship as the corridors have many doors and they are not all staterooms.

What really surprised me is that if something happen on a Cruise ship, you are pretty much stuck to deal with the problem by yourself… The FBI can actually get involved for a US citizen(from what I understood anyway), but for us Canadians, you can’t expect much from the government or the police…

I missed that show, but this would apply to any crime, like robbery, wouldn’t it? Is it once the boat is in international waters? I suppose after it leaves the shore, who’s to say where you are. I know someone went through our suitcases, when we went to the Bahamas once, on the short cruise. Phil

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