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Has anyone stayed at Shoal Bay Villas or another hotel on Shoal Bay?

To modify this has anbody on this board ever been to Anguilla?

I think in reality I’m lucky because I get to keep the beach to myself without the crowds. Anguilla will remain my secret hiding place

We’re going the end of August but we are staying at the Allamanda Beach Club.
This will be our third visit but our first time staying on the island. Previously we have made day trips from St Martin and we found it to be a hidden paradise.

I imagine a trip to Tahiti is less expensive from the left coast than from Ottawa

I just read a review on an Anguilla page by a person who had been to Tahiti. She said the food on Tahiti was very expensive but not very pleasant.

I have been to Shoal beach twice now but only on day trips from St Maarten. The beach is one of the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just amazing!!!!!!!!!

I have spent time on Anguilla however I stayed with a friend who lives on the island. I visit each time I travel to St. Martin. I have not been on this board in a while but if you have any questions I can try my best. Great news about the flights to Tahiti from NY. Is it with Air Tahiti Nui? We connected in LA and flew direct from there. Approx 8 hours over the equator. Are you visiting any of these destinations soon? Not many places can compare to the beauty of Tahiti and her islands.

We just booked a week at Shoal Bay Villas and I will reply back here as to my experience. IT seems to be a pretty reasonable property and the reviews are almost all positive. We travelled to Turks and Caicos a few years ago and I thought I had died on gone to heaven. The Beach was incredible, the island was small and slow with not a lot to do – which is what we wanted. I invision Anguilla to be about the same with a little more spark (not much) but a little more. PS. There are no AI in Anguilla. Turks and Caicos – Royal West Indies Resort seems similar to SBV.

Hi!When will you be departing? Shoal Bay is a fabulous beach, one that you will want to claim as your own (as you stated above to a "clueless about Anguilla" poster LOL). I feel the same way, the less "known" the better which usually results when an island costs more. That’s just fine with me as I appreciate and will pay for the privacy, not having to struggle for my place on the beach by hoarding towels and chairs, the mad buffet lines, the sub par product with respect to food / bev, the loud music on the beach when I want quiet, the general craziness of a cheaper AI. You will feel worlds away in Anguilla and I am anxious to hear from you when you return home. Don’t get me wrong, I take the sell off AI’s for what they are worth, no more no less. They are quick and easy and inexpensive and serve just that purpose IMO. Happy Happy Anguilla Travels!


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