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Is it possible to book a 4 or 5 day AI to the caribbean? Who does shorter vacations (Sunwing, Nolitours..??)

I did some rummaging around and found some 5 day ones out of Toronto (Signature Vacations). On the down side, pricing looked similar to 7 day vacations ……

edit: Actually I take that back.

The 5 day package was $8 more per person than the one week package.

Can you fly out of a U.S. gateway, mom2my2boys? If you can, take a look at Funjet and/or Apple Vacations – they offer trips for as many, or as few, nights as you’d like. Apple’s website tends to be a bit of a fiasco but Funjet’s is great. Usually not as much bang for your buck as a 7 night stay (consider that you’re likely still paying the same flight price for a shorter stay), but sometimes there are deals on the shorter stays too.

Thanks for the info.. I live very close to Buffalo so that is an option but like Bob said, more expensive! Crazy!

Guess I’ll have to work around my work schedule

My husband and I are going to Grand Palladium in Montego Bay, Jamaica for a 4 night 30th anniversary long weekend in 2 1/2 weeks! I could only take 5 days total (including travel days) from work so was really limited. For quite awhile I looked at Bahamas, Bermuda but wanted to go mid May and wanted it really warm. None of the packages out there worked with my days and time line. There were a few 3 nighters for Bahamas etc but quite often the food wasn’t included in the price. I really wanted 4 nights to help me justify the price!I finally turned to a travel agent in desperation (have always done my own travel arrangements) and she immediately put several packages together with Holiday House. She works for Sears Travel. We are flying with Westjet, have a junior suite at the Grand Palladium, all inclusive and everything is included. The price (for 2) was well below what my highest price limit was. She said they very commonly put together short vacations (3,4,5 day) like that. Yes, you do pay alot for the short time but if that’s all the time you have…. So we have a 4 nighter all inclusive for less than the price of a 3 nighter in Bahamas without food!!!Call a travel agent!

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