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Hello, My Parents are getting married in Bermuda Sept 1, 2006, and we are all going for the weekend. I am thinking about flying out 3 or 4 days earlier with my wife but am not sure?? We are 25 years old and love Aruba, La Romana, etc. I am wondering if Bermuda is similar. Are there any all inclusive ( I heard Harmony Club is the only one??)..and is there any night life? things to do during the day?? expensive (food, beer, etc??) Does anyone recommend any resorts?? no so worried about 5 stars, but more so fun bars in the resort, good food, people staying up past 8pm ..hehe..Also, are there any casinos?thanks in advance for all of your help!!Jamie
Hi,I would also like to know as I have never been there, my wife and I are planning to go at the end of this year! We like to dance and we were wondering if there are any places to dance and drink, and to if there are any casinos around!Thank you,


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