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I have booked what i thought was a good deal for a week at silversands in christchurch. I have since been told that to eat out in barbados may end up costing more than the holiday? I would greatly appreciate any info that i can get. All inclusive is an option but if we are out during the day then this would not be cost effective unless food is very pricey elsewhere ??

hi spice ;Dbeen there 3 times and we never take all incl. NEVERyou will miss all the great resto. they have, just walk and you will see resto. everywere :o, dont be afraid in the evening, it’s safe, i walk to the store to get stuff at the ( depanneur) all alone and i felt safe.

it’s not that expensive, me and huby about 20$+30$ per night for super, lunch well if you’re at the beach it’s CHEAP, and if you have a stove and fridge in you’re room (we did) you go to the market and get food, and it’s not that $$$$, we stayd in christchurch too, ( amarillys) and ( butterfly hotel) and ( blue horizon)if i’m not rong i think silversands hotel was near blue horizon hotel if yes well you will not have a problem to eat out, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg if you have more question dont be shy

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