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anyone know of any hotels (AI ) near Playa del Carmen that does not charge single supplement
I stayed at playa cayo santa maria and no suppliment; this would have been in August 2012

I had a lot of fun there. I’m single and I dance. Well, so the entertainment staff took me under their wing and I taught them salsa and we danced. They came out and danced with me in the Cigar bar, where at night they played some good music and also did karaoke earlier in the night. Also went to the disco’s in town but EVERYWHERE DEAD! Not a great place to go if you’re single – because I dance well I had a blast! I danced with the show dancers during the day, ballerina’s, and at night with the ent. staff in the cigar bar. There is a disco next door at the melia but also very dead when i went…Nice resort, food good, staff VERY NICE

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