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Hello everyone,Wondering if anyone has some information in regard to a good resort with kid club/baby club.I am looking into finding a resort that is good for a couple with a 1 year old son. I may not need alot of baby sitting , …. but would like to know if there are some availble and the quality of it for a very young child.Any other tip, recommendation would be greatly appreciated.bluewatersPS. At this point I am somewhat flexible with location such as cuba, dominican republic, mexico, … But don’t want a too expensive resort.Thanks in advance
One year old is pretty young – you probably won’t find many resorts that have a kiddie club for kids that young. I suspect that most decent resorts can provide/suggest good babysitters if asked ahead of time, though you will pay extra for that.(If you decide to go to Puerto Vallarta, a friend of mine often recommends a couple women he knows well as babysitters.)

I’d suggest you think about other criteria too. Is it important to have a resort that supplies highchairs (even in your room), bottle warmers and onsite baby food? I believe that the Club Med family resorts do this (but with all its activities it is not a cheap place unless you luck into a very good sale); I don’t know about other places. Is having a great room from which you can sit and see the ocean important, as you may be stuck inside watching your baby nap fairly often? Would you prefer a small resort maybe more high-rise, easy to get around, or a spread out resort (which I like, but harder if you have to carry a kid around a lot)? Or room service? In any case, remember to bring plenty of good baby sunscreen, don’t spend much time out in the full sun, and always have nearby things for your kid to drink so he doesn’t get dehydrated. (A sunburned or sick baby is a very effective way to ruin his, and your own, vacation!)

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