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Wondering what the rules and laws are about this. In the D.R. it is pretty open to smoking in the airport, in public and most areas of the resort.

Is it the same in Jamaica?…..

There is no smoking indoors at arrivals.
There was a small lounge in the departure section that used to allow smoking. There is a new wing to the departure lounge now and I haven’t been to the older section for a couple of years. There was no smoking in the new departure lounge whatsoever, but coming from Canada, you should be used to that! As for the resorts, it’s generally the same premise….outdoors only. Our hotel of choice advertises no smoking on the property but it’s far from it.
For anyone else wondering… was no smoking in the airport except in a lounge in the departures area, where you had to buy a drink to smoke in there..and it was $5 for a water.

On the resort, only place you couldn’t smoke was the restaurants. Everything else was ok……

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