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Hi: Has anyone seen the new type of snorkel vest at any of your local dive shops? It’s kind of like a jacket with a zipper front and a neoprene back. I have found it on eBay but I would rather try one on. I am in the Toronto area. Thanks

vmontpetit Guest

I’ve seen the type that your talking about also, they appeared very expensive. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I went to my local dive shop and they said that they could order it for me but the price was a bit outrageous I thought. I ended up buying a Coleman life jacket from Canadian Tire. It was about 50 or 60 dollars, very light. I’ve used it quite a bit in Jibacoa and it works like a charm. I couldn’t sink if I tried.

I got my vest at Source for Sports in Kingston, ON.Its an inflatable Snorkel Vest with straps 420 denier. High visibility yellow. With crotch strap. Standard inflator. Works great and comes with an emergency whistle. $29.95

I have had one of the "bib" style snorkel vests with the crotch strap for a few years but I always find that it rides up, so looking to replace it with new type. May have to go the eBay route if I can’t find one locally.

vmontpetit Guest I used to have the bib style also and experienced the same problems, very uncomfortable and the inflated part was always rising up and the expense of my nether regions.The life jacket has solved all my problems. It is a bit big though for the suitcase, so I bought a larger (and light) case that can hold my fins also.

Good luck in finding what you want, your dive shop will be able to order what you are searching for though, mine would of, until I saw the price.

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