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must be a few folks that get a free trip from the deal on itravel2000 for free trip if it snowed more than 5 cm? new years day! Too bad for all the "loopholes", you know they found a way around that deal…..prolly had to snow more than 5 cm’s in the Caibbean. If it was other than that, we surely would have heard something by now, especially here in Halifax :P.

Jake, eh

There was an article in the local paper (The Chronicle Herald, Halifax) this morning about the "let it snow contest"….
I think it will be close but…no free trips…
An Environment Canada meteorologist said the blizzard started on Dec. 31 and dumped a total of 14cm at the Halifax Airport…but only 10.3 cm of that fell on Jan. 1 So, Jan. 1st snowfall is not the required 12.7 cm (5in.)

Also..I wonder is there a difference between ‘snowfall’ amount and ‘measured’ amount? because I think we got that amount of snow plus more, but it was so windy that they could measure it and be less??? I live only 20 minutes from the airport and we have 20+ cm in our yard.

If there’s a way to get out of it…they will wiggle through the ‘loophole’.

We’ll just have to make sure we all have plenty of Duct tape to cover the holes, so they won’t have a way out ;).

Jake, eh

Maybe the could use the measurement of how much snow blew in through our attic vent (that was a first) our suitcases and dive suits were covered in snow…maybe that was a sign they were pining for Mexico…
Yes, looks like old Jake was wrong on this one :-[. There was quite a write up in the local paper this morning about people getting their money back for their trips. Nice to see a happy ending for a change, especially the way the economy has been going :P. Congratulations to all who benefited from the promotion ;D,

Jake, eh

No worries no worries, when I win the power ball tonight, I will take some of my forum buddies on a forum vacation.I think simple essay on how to not behave in Mexico, and how to do the rum crawl, and tequila shake will be sufficient enough to obtain your ticket.

Deputy ;D

I read the local article with great interest trying to see the same thing traveljunky, but they don’t say how may people ended up winning. There were a few interviews of winners, but no mention of how many actually won….strange, eh.

Jake, eh

says in the Halifax paper that 100’s of NS’ers won thier trip…..qoutes on guy saying he got $3200!! I’ve never used itravel although I browse there often and I did book during that time now…how do I get an irate wife off of me

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