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So the US & Cuban embassies are opening up again… times are changing… I’m glad I loaded up on US Special Interest Section t-shirts, ball caps and coffee mugs on the last trip… super collectibles now!Cheers,Terry

The US Embassies in Cuba that weren’t allowed to be called that but did the same jobs for 50 years. They had gift shops? LOL
Now we can call them Embassies again.

What exactly are " US Special Intersest " items Johnny C [/quote

There was a wide variety of stuff with the USSIS logo … disposable toilet seat covers stored in asset trackers, digital recording pens, listening devices inside cell phone rechargers, etc. Terry couldn’t make this stuff up.Can’t wait for the deluge of mementos for the Pope’s visit.

I think the proper term for the "store" inside the US Special Interests is the MCX. That stands for Marine Corps Exchange which is the "store" on military bases where Marines and their families shop for personal items.The MCX in Havana was nothing more than a few lockers with various Marine Corps paraphernalia and souvenirs available for purchase. I forget who told me about the store, but I’ve almost never met anyone else who even knew it existed.It was fairly tricky to get into. You had to approach the security entrance on the east side (where all the flags are) and first get past the Cuban military police then the American Marines. The guard would call inside and (sometimes) a Marine would come outside and escort me back into the Special Interests and allow me to make the purchases.The coffee mugs with the US Special Interests and Marine Corps logos were fabulous/funny gifts for Cuban pals – especially the ones who were dying to get inside the Special Interests to get Visas to emigrate to the US. The t-shirts with a huge Marine scowling down over the Special Interests with the logo, "Behind The Lines" were hilariously funny US propaganda.Cheers,


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