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This was the 4th time to this resort. It used to be our little paradise, but unfortunately I can’t give a good review after this past visit. We feel that the quality of the food has gone down. In fact, I became very sick with sudden vomiting and diarrhea and had to have medical attention with I.V. fluids, anti-nausea and pain medication. I have to say the medical care by the doctor on site was excellent. The dining room didn’t seem to have working air conditioning and at times was extremely hot and uncomfortable. They are presently doing construction and at the time we were there (January 11 – 22, 2015) the beach bar and the beach restaurant were demolished. A new one is being built, but there wasn’t much action going on when we were there, apart from a bulldozer or a few trucks going by, so it’s hard to say when this will be completed. So at the present time, the only place to eat is at the stuffy, hot buffet restaurant. There is nothing outside. The beach has been our main draw there, but unfortunately they are not clearing the seaweed in a timely manner, in parts of the beach – not at all. They clear it by hand and then dump it behind the loungers on the beach. In my opinion, this contributes to their problem of sand fleas as these critters love to feed on wet seaweed. There is a new scheme where the employees stack the loungers on the beach, so if you want one, they have to get it down and expect a tip! Absolutely wrong. The rooms are tired but we have always put up with this as like I said the beach was our draw. The employees are wonderful there. We always bring many gifts for them which they appreciate. And we always make it a point to generously tip the gardeners as they rarely see tips. They make around 20 pesos a month, so a generous tip is greatly appreciated.

The resort has a very relaxed atmosphere which we have always liked, but this last trip had too many negatives that I can’t recommend it.

January 11 – 22, 2015

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