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I have been to Cuba more than 5 times in the last years but I have never been to Varadero and I have sure never been to Sol Palmeras, I only hear about their quality services and this time, I decided to visit with my daughter not just Varadero but this hotel as well. Everything was just great right from the check in to the check out, it was all fun for me. It has such a wonderful landscape because of the beautiful garden and pristine beach, you will love it here. The building is clean with a big lobby where guests just usually hang out and have drinks. We had a bungalow which had everything in it including mini fridge, living room, TV and a soft and comfortable bed to lie down. The bungalow was great, it felt more like home. If you do not want to book or make reservations in the a la carte restaurants, you can just use the big restaurant in the main building, food there is excellent as the hotel is, I never for one day had a bad food moment and for that I say kudos to the chef behind it all. I love the steakhouse, very delicious steaks they have over there. The staff made the whole stay comfortable and appealing as they were friendly and communicative. It was a pleasure visiting and having my holiday at this resort, thanks to the hotel management for such a wonderful place. I will be back soon enough.

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