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I don’t know what this Brad guy below me is talking about. You’re spending around 700$ to go to a 4 star resort in a 3rd world country… what do you expect? Yes the food is awful, that’s because they don’t spice anything. Besides that, everything was pretty good. I met a lot of very nice people from many different places of Canada (Montreal, Sherbroke, Toronto, Calgary, Quebec City) which I still speak with daily. Anytime of day you can find something going on on the resort. People who complain that there "arent any activites" going on just didn’t look hard enough. For example, one day yes they were setting up a pool activity, and it started raining pretty heavily. Because of this, they shut down the pool activity for the day. However, about 20-25 of us started having a dance party in a elevated section of the pool, which is still one of my most fondest memories. The beaches were beautiful. I mean how can you go wrong? It’s exactly how you picture it, perfect sand and a nice blue water. Two things I will say however, is bars did tend to run out of certain alcohols at times. However, they were usually quick act in getting a new bottle to that bar.. not to mention there is a bar every 40 feet, are you THAT lazy? And secondly, although the disco looks like it could be a lot of fun (big dance floor, big stage, lots of surrounding area, big bar, lots of couches) there was litearlly 5 people there every time we went. Overall, you get what you paid for. People expecting to go down there for 700$ and stay in upperclass 5 star resorts and eat the best food possible just have to high of expectations on what to expect on a trip like this.

I would recommend this resort for Groups of young 20, early 30s.. Honeymooners, family’s with older children (14+) and single travelers looking to meet new people and have a great time.

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