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Don’t trust the pictures or the inviting lobby. Upon our arrival to the hotel, our driver was unclear as to which of the two Sol Sirenas Coral resorts we were staying at. Who knew that there were two of them… We arrived at the first of the two, who stated we were not on their list. We then proceeded to the second of the two, who also stated the same, sending us back to the first hotel. When we got there, our names were on the list. Check in time is at 4:00pm, and we arrived at 10:00am, which is frustrating, but what can you do? We decided to get a drink and some food, and this is where the poor service was first noted. It took nearly 30 minutes for one of the bartenders to acknowledge us, and let’s not forget, this was roughly 11:00am (very quiet). The buffet staff are unlike any other; they don’t even come to your table unless you demand something of them. They look at you as if you are a piece of dirt on the floor, they are slow, rude, and overall uncaring people. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the hotel was going to be shut down at the end of the week for a month long of renovations, and I’m guessing, the staff would be out of a job for a while. Nobody goes on a vacation to be stressed or feel like a burden. The entire staff at this hotel make you feel bad for asking for service. They clearly don’t want to make tips, and when they offer such poor service, HOW can they expect anything? Each day, we expected our room to be cleaned, and each day we received a different result. We slept in the same bed sheets for 6 days, not a single time did they change them. If we didn’t hide our toilet paper, we wouldn’t receive any. If we didn’t throw our towels on the floor, again, they wouldn’t replace them. Also, never did we get a bottle of water. One day, the staff didn’t even enter our room – completely disregarded. We made a complaint to the manager. The cleaning staff merely came to our room and dropped off new towels. She left all the dirty towels where they were, didn’t make our bed, nor provide water or a simple apology. There is NO daily entertainment at this hotel. The resort "club" is never open, the only nightly entertainment on the resort was 30 minute show of dancers (the same ones every night). After the show, you can proceed to the bar in the lobby where everyone congregates, and wait 2 hours for a drink, or simply leave the resort. Or, you could go to the other 24 hour bar where they serve snack food, but the staff at this bar are incomparable to the others. The women here treat you with the most disrespect, through their comments, and disgraceful looks; so much so, that my boyfriend was crying. Cutting it short, don’t waste your time booking your next trip to Sol Sirenas, because you will assuredly be disappointed. And on top of that, NEVER fly Cubana Airlines. Spending extra money is well worth it going elsewhere, where you will receive service, kindness, entertainment, and enjoy your vacation.

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