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first of all, we all know that Cuba is a poor country, we go there for a vacation because its safe and the bonus part is that it helps them out when we do. we tip when we want and we allow ourselves to get ripped off because we know they’re poor so f*** it right?.. but god damn! it gets to be so annoying that no body will do a thing without expecting a peso in return. I went to a store to buy a case of 5 cigars they charged me 18 pesos, the next day I went to the same store for another box and it was 15…wow. another time I went into a taxi and told him where I wanted to go to eat, he offers to take me here and there instead and I said no thanks, then he brings me to this house where they make food I said no no no, he says ok ok. and takes me where I had originally asked to be taken, that shit could be scary like wth! its like everyone wants to make a dollar, they’re f***ed!! as for sol sirenas coral resort, this is suppose to be 2 resorts in one and you can use the facilities at both…nope!! I went there and the coral side was closed and its the nicer side too, and they didn’t even notify me of it either. they use the entertainment stage at the coral side though because the sirenas side doesn’t have one. the sirenas rooms I have no complaints, it was clean and I tipped the maid so I was okay there, I had clean towels everyday and so forth. the hallways are full of roaches and other flying insects. and not often swept after being stepped on. they have hardly any entertainment throughout the day and their evening entertainment seemed to be the same throughout the entire week. it began to get very boring. Oh ya, a big FYI is that most all people at this resort are old. I’m talking older like 50-70 years old. very few young people. the beaches are extremely nice. I loved the beach. they have a bar near the beach which was a good thing, and snacks too. the swimming pool on the sirenas side seemed to be green and dirty most of the week so we walked over to the coral side which was inconvenient because they have no bars open no washrooms working because the side was not open. so we pretty much didn’t go into a swimming pool our entire stay. the food was okay some of it was actually very good but the only problem was they served the EXACT same food the entire week, same things for breakfast same things for lunch. same same same. Also their coffee isn’t that great neither is the milk. maybe its just because of what I’m use to though. other than that the people are pretty nice and the resort is well maintained. they do work hard, that I can see but I guess I just was expecting more from what I saw in the pictures before I purchased my vacation. thanks

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