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Ok, so I have visited here twice, the first time there was almost nobody at any of the tables to eat, so the service was OK. I think the waitress had three customers. I seen she was struggling as the kitchen was backed up (I have no idea why, as they didn’t have any business) so I kept my order simple. I ordered Lasagna with a salad. Lasagna was one of the specials for the evening, so I would assume they would have it ready. The lasagna was OK, I think it might have been microwaved, cost $15.00 and was cold in the middle. The salad came after the meal, the beer was very cold, but at $4.50 a bottle, how many are you going to drink? My date ordered an Argentinian flank steak, which was also a special, so it should be prepped and ready to go right? Nope! That came out after I was already done my meal! To make matters worse it was as tough as shoe leather! I thought he was just cranky, but I tried to cut it and I simply gave up. Not only is the beer expensive, but he couldn’t even get a second one without walking over to the bar and getting it himself! the food is WAY overpriced for what it is, cold, bland and tasteless. I decided to sit on the beach about a week later, they were having a party there with a D.J., so I guessed the service would be better as they had more help. I sat on the front line row of beach chairs for 45 minutes and NOT ONE PERSON came over to ask me for an order! Not one! I am still waiting to be served and it has been two weeks now! Soles Chill Out Bar… about the only thing chilling here is the owner and his staff! and the lasagna

Oh and did I mention, they played the same song for the entire 45 minutes I was there? 45 minutes of the same mind numbing techno bop. We went to Bibijaugua beach instead, where we have been hanging out ever since!

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