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This hotel is a nightmare! When we arrived, the receptionist told us to wait for 2 hours because the room had to be cleaned. We were told to go to the pool. However, the pool was totally crowded with Cubans, taking all the places near the pool. We had to wait in the lobby for 2 hours, facing the reception. Nothing happened, but after 2 hours (to the minute!) waiting, the receptionist told us that the room was clean and we could enter… Upon entering, we saw that we got a room crowded with cockroaches and mold, and without any water. After complaining at the reception, we got a new room after being treated very rude! At night, we found out that this room did not have any windows but instead lamellae, so we were forced to spend the night with a tarantula in our room. After a sleepless night we packed our bags and went to the wonderful hotel of Vila Moka in Las Terrazas, which was a delight after such a horror hotel. And the worst thing is that the staff at Soroa was rude, totally incompetent and could not care less about their clients…

To conclude: NEVER go here!!!

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