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Radar can you confirm the price of a spay/neuter for one animal. I would like to make a donation. I saw what appeared to be a recent list of supplies needed but I didn’t see anything about a need for collars. I always have a few, not so worn out ones, that I would be happy to donate.

That is sooo nice. If I don’t here back from Radar within a couple of days I’ll just go to the site and make a donation. This forum is not nearly as active as it used to be….
Cubamiga … collars and leashes are always welcome.The smile on the faces of caregiver when the get a free leash and/or collar on top of the free spay/neuter is truly heartwarming.The cost of the anaesthetic portion is under $5.00. Costs are higher when you factor in the antibiotics and Post-Op pain meds and consumables like suture needles, cotton.The reason I focus on the cost of the anaesthetic is that it is something we must buy get permits for and transport. Consumables can be purchased and delivered by caring travelers which keeps our costs down.Thank you Cubamiga. If you have any more questions I will be checking in.

Spunky we are working on new cards.

Hi Radar,

This may be a duplicate posting or perhaps it ended up somewhere else. Anyway I will make a $25 donation today and I challenge all other posters to do the same. Will the forum police get me for that one???

Will the forum police get me for that one???

I think not. We have received great support from the "Powers that be".

Will the forum police get me for that one???

I think not. We have received great support from the "Powers that be".
I don’t see any issues. It’s a good cause. A little extra promotion won’t hurt.

Hey Bob, I’m pretty sure the whole Cuba Forum would explode if Terry, Radar, couldn’t accept donations and thank donors here, after all these years.The Spanky Project and their terrific work in Cuba rival our Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation by both commitment and results. Sure, we are targeting different causes.It’s hard enough to get Cuba to accept charity, even harder when it comes to dogs and cats. It’s also hard to get Canadians to contact us so we can help them take extra school supplies to the Dominican Republic or take stuff to orphanages. Both require devoted and dedicated leaders. Radar is one. You, BFC, are one too.From here, we support the Spanky Project and the new Cat Cafe project for Cuba and the wonderful Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation, that looks after the kids in DRDebbie’s has been a great help for all ..
puppllove … Great news. That’s three weeks before me.Alcohol wipes would be amazing.

They would be a big help in our campañas

Just received a lovely little thank-you note from the Spanky organization in Cuba. I am really impressed with the thoughtfulness to thank donors. Have my collars a couple of leashes and some school supplies ready for my trip to Havana.

Radar, just a quick question about donations. When I click on "donate" on the Spanky website it shows that my donation will be in USD. Whazzup with dat?

A moment for Zen.In setting up the account a few years ago the USD was worth more than the Canadian dollar. This resulted in a few more "pesos" going to the dogs.Canadians had/have the opportunity to receive a tax deduction for their Canadian dollars if they are sent to the “Mackenzie-Papineau Memorial Fund” with Spanky Project in the memo line.So I guess the short answer is that the PayPal button targets Americans.Zen I hope it is not too off putting.

Thanks Cubamiga … we will be waiting for you.

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