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Hi everyone,
Anybody would like to share some suggestions for the wedding ceremony? I would like to do something different during the ceremony that the guests will enjoy and feel implicated…. I’ve been to a wedding down south in 2006 and we couldn’t hear anything the judge and the translator was saying, first because of the wind was so strong beside the beach, secondly, because the translator’s spanich accent made it very difficult for us to understant what they were saying and thirdly, the guests were sitting behing the couple and the translator… So the voice wasn’t coming our way at all….. We were always wondering if the couple had said "I DO" yet….. I know it’s not a long ceremony, but any ideas on what we could add to make it more interesting??

We did a sand ceremony. we had my brother do it, so he was loud and clear for everyone to hear. It was very nice to have a family member directly involved. The ceremony in Cuba is very legal, so the sand ceremony also brought in that added touch.

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