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We are interested in going to an all in-clusive resort in St. Maarten in January and apparently the prices go up quite a bit.I was wondering if it is have to go to a 4 star to have a nice resort. We usually go to the DR or Cuba because of the pricing but want to try something different.

Please help.

Try the Great Bay Beach Resort it is listed as a 3 1/2* but was recently renovated and is now a 4*. The hotel is very nice and right on the beach and a 5 minute walk into to town to the best shopping in the world. I have stayed at this hotel every year for the last 8 yrs and we love it. If you have any questions email me.

How are the beaches and the food, we like to go for long walks along the beach.
Also do they have things to do within walking distance.

The beaches are some of the best in the world!!!! The food is excellent and there are many resturants on the island. If you rent a car the whole island is only 27 square miles so you have no problem driving around and feeling safe. Our favorite beach is Friar’s Bay, very nice!!!!! There is lots to do here. The beach is front of the the Great Bay Hotel is great, (hence the name)you can walk to town and to the pier where the cruise ships come in. There is a boardwalk with lots of shops and cafe’s to stop for a cool drink or you can buy a beer and walk the beach with it.

we thought the dom rep was far better than st marten, the place that made our hol tho was cheris cafe , worth a visit

I can’t see any way that a trip to the DR could best St. Martin/St. Maarten. I have vacationed in both places and I must say St. Martin takes the upper hand. You have the opportunity to view two different cultures, dine on some of the best cuisine in the world, swim on many wonderful beaches and be in range of several other interesting islands.

I agree with Candu2 the DR takes a back seat to St Maarten, the food, the beaches are much better in St Maarten than the DR. I have been to the DR at least 25 times and to St Maarten 9 times now and and I would go back to St Maarten tomorrow if I could!!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Wow, you’ll have a lot of fun. St Maarten is the most beautiful island i’ve ever been to. So rich in everything.

As far as the beaches go, all the pictures I’ve seen don’t show any shade. I get sun-poisoning, so it’s a necessity to me. Are there actually shady beaches there?

The south end of Mullet Bay has some nice natural shade under the sea grape trees. There is also shade at Happy Bay however most people rent umbrellas and chairs from vendors on the beach for $15 per day/couple. Being frugal though we bought cheap chairs and umbrellas and brought them to the beach. At the end of our trip we left them at the hotel.

What are the food and drink prices for an average stay of 7 nights? We are thinking of trying something new and not going some where that we can obtain an all inclusive, but at the same time we dont want to go brokeThank You,

Deputy 343

Food and drink prices are comparable to the U.S. Prices in grocery stores are also reasonable. The last time we stayed at Mary’s Boon which had a kitchenette so we had breakfast and sometimes lunch at the hotel. We splurged one night and spent $200 on a gourmet French meal but overall like I say prices were not bad.
You can even eat at McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway etc. if that’s what floats your boat.

While you are in St-Martin I would recommend Friar’s Bay and Happy Bay for the Beach.For the shopping I would recommend Philippsburg. Looks like they have a better choice and you cand get a better bargain than the French side. Besides bewafre of the Euro Change.Sighteeings, I would recommend driving to pic paradis, the view is so pretty on the all island, it’s a liitle bit of a hassle to make it up there but it’s worth the drive. Bar, the BIKINI BAR on Orient Bay is fun, while you are in Orient Bay you van walk all the way up to have a dring at the Papagayo, ( clothes optional…oooops ).Dining, I recommend THE BOATHOUSE at Simpson Bay our favorite spot for seafood, great atmosphere, I would recommend as well LE SAINT-GERMAIN at the Marina, Marigot.Don’t miss THE SUNSET BEACH BAR, at Maho, good entertainment, watch those planes!!!

Have fun…

HiSt. Martin outdoes the DR in many aspects (beaches, food, shopping, cultural diversity). Many folks here have essentially elaborated about the topics I listed so I will not rehash. I would like to say that we prefer to stay on the French side as we enjoy the European flair. The French side is, however, much more expensive IMO. We stayed on Orient Beach for 2 weeks at the L’Hoste Suites with full kitchens and loved it. We have also stayed at Nettle Bay a couple times as well as the property across the road (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment). Although we stay on the French side we shop for staple groceries and gas for the car on the Dutch side. American dollars vs the Euro makes a difference for Canadians anyway and the prices tend to be better there. You have to splurge on some dining on the French side. It is world renown for it’s options and quality of restaurants. Simply enjoying some delectible pastries or crepes at any of the restaurant located on the marina in Marigot is a must! Great area to take in the scenery and people watch. To touch quickly on a point by the original poster – I would not go AI on this island. There is so much available for you to enjoy. Save the AI option for Cuba and the Dominican Republic where you do not have much of a choice but to do so. Either way, enjoy your holiday but be advised that St. Martin will cost much more than a trip to Cuba / DR, but well worth it IMO. Happy New Year to all!


Hula, what do you mean about the best shopping in the world?

Philipsburg on Dutch Sint Maarten is an incredible duty free port. Numerous cruise ships stop here daily and it can get crowded (and hot). You can get anything from jewellery, electronics, perfume, linen, booze….the list goes on…at very very good prices. I picked up 2 Fendi watches for 50% of the department store selling price as well as a couple Fendi purses for great prices as well. Grey Goose x 1.5 lites for $ 19.95 US and a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champers for $ 27.00 US!!!!! Hhhmmmm, may be time to go back what with all this talk about shopping LOL


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