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I know this is the Cuba section but it’s busy with a lot of traveller’s and here at work everyone asks me travel questions but I got stumped on this oneWhat currency do they use in St Martin
Hi Iggy,According to the website, the two official currencies on St. Martin are the Euro on the French side and the Florin (Netherlands Antillean guilder or florin) on the Dutch side.

US dollars are also accepted across the island.

When I traveled I had US dollars with me and did not have any issues!

Thanks for the help, I let my friend know. Much appreciated

It’s a beautiful island. And the difference between the two sides is striking. Hard to imagine how the 2 live in harmony – maybe the climate? Or both cultures are just naturally good natured. I really loved that island.

Just back from a cruise with a stop in Sin Maarten. US currency accepted from us tourists. Man, they sure like to bargain!

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