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Just came back from several months at Stanza Mare. Have to say, this was the most disappointing of our several years there & we won’t be back next year. There is so much upheaval & bad feelings, all the long term renters say they’re ready to go home. Most of us have been going there at least 3 years & have spent a fair amount of money there. Yes, our main complaints are about bad units, missing items & poor treatment from the main property managers Vincente & Linda. If you’re planning to go there, or you’re an owner who hasn’t been around for awhile, here is what you need to know. Yes, there has been a change in the complex management,(not the same as the property managers), but with the way things were going, there could be another change before too long. Many of the long term renters (2-6months) are not returning to Stanza Mare next year. They will go to another close by complex called Playa Turquesa. They are sick of having poorly maintained units & dealing with Vincente who is rude to most of them & thinks he is the one to enforce all the rules. The problem is, he picks & chooses the ones he wants to enforce. He was more concerned about 2 women who had small dogs they walked on the grass next to the pool area or carried them across the pool area to go to another building! Both of them cleaned up after their own dogs & the ones that came in off the beach. However, it was ok for people to have glasses & bottles of beer right next to the pool, drinking from them while standing in the pool, & children to swim without a parent in sight. Those also happen to be posted rules. One owner brings a bird with them & often brings it around the pool. We all know what birds do. The thing starts squawking around 8 or 9 in the morning & is just annoying! There are a couple other people with dogs. They leave them on the balcony or tied up outside & they bark continuously. No one from management will do anything about that & “the other rule enforcer” doesn’t find those things important enough to address. One family had a little boy who sat nude on the restaurant tables & stood at the edge of the pool & peed. It was “One of those small but miserable renters….” who pointed out to the parents it was inappropriate. The beach is beautiful but the aggravation & rental rates, for what you get, isn’t worth it. On many of the 2 bedroom units, the prices have risen by $500 a month each of the past 2 years. Believe me, they aren’t worth an extra $1000 a month. If you’re looking for something different than an all inclusive, this is fine for the short term. I definitely don’t recommend it long term. And remember, it’s not so cheap, especially if you add in food, which is not inexpensive here, water, & in some most cases, electric.

Rooms: Yes, there are a handful of units that are very nice & pretty well supplied, but they are few & far between. Most of us did share dishes, frying pans, etc when needed. Many of us had limited cooking supplies & many of us brought with us things we knew we would need. Most of the furniture is old, dirty & uncomfortable. The bathroom ceiling in my unit leaked & I spoke to my management & the one in charge of the one above me to no avail. I’m sure by the time summer is over, it will be full of mold. Lots of the units have mold or mildew in the drapes, pictures, etc. Several of the units had rats inside & a couple others had cockroaches. It’s fine if you’re there a week or 2, but if you plan to stay longer, your kitchen supplies can be very inadequate. Some units do not have ovens & often you don’t find that out until you arrive. Many have very poor lighting, some ceiling fans don’t work, & some people have arrived to find they have no sheets or towels for several nights. Lucky for them, most of the long term people loaned them items they needed until they got theirs. Most of the short term renters are usually treated nicely, but the long term renters are pretty much ignored. It’s our feeling they prefer the short term rentals, since most of them don’t know what to expect & don’t necessarily come back. That makes it much easier for the owners & managers. If you have a problem with your unit & want the actual owner to know what’s going on, forget it. There is no way to get to the owner. I think all owners should send a survey to their tenants, asking about their stay. Also, verify the pictures & the furniture shown are actually your unit, some of them are not the actual unit you are renting. Ask for an inventory list before you go, many don’t even have a decent frying pan. If you’re staying any length of time, be prepared to buy things, especially for the kitchen.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: In Feb, there were never enough chairs at the pool or the beach. If you didn’t get up at 6am you were out of luck until later in the day. Some people took chairs in both places, Leaving some chairs empty most of the day. Even tho Stanza Mare is only 6 years old, the pool is in need of huge repairs, the bottom is coming apart & the tiles around the edge are coming loose, so make sure they aren’t repairing it when you go there. The children’s pool is a complete disaster. There are also chunks of sidewalk broken, even around the pool. They did get new chairs, with pads, around the pool, but they get wet from the swimmers & the weather & don’t dry. If you flip the pads up, you’ll see the beginnings of mold & mildew. This was pointed out by “one of those small but miserable renters who sit around the pool all day…”, by the way. Some of the coverings are also coming apart. One day they took some off & washed them, then put them back soaking wet. Many of the beach chairs are in poor condition with cracks, etc. They have no pads & are hard plastic, so bring a raft or some other type pad to sit on. Another aggravating issue is the party boats. There are around 5 or 6 parked off the beach here. They run tours everyday, at least 3 times a day. The music is very loud & can be heard all the way into the complex. Sometimes it’s so bad, people have to leave the beach because they can’t stand it.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The internet was pulled without notice & caused many tenants to have to spend $50 a month for their own USB internet connections. If you own an Ipad you’re out of luck, unless you buy a mifi for about $100 then pay the additional monthly charge of $50. Yes, you can walk to the store or the bakery, & “most” of the time you can connect there. Most of the contracts said they provided wifi.

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