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Day 5 without power here in Fredericton. Arthur was a lot worse than I thought it would be.

oh my and our friends just came back from Newfoundland and there was nothing there. Hope you are okay soon….!!!!!

How long did it take? I know for alot of people here in NB it was close to 10 days with no power…crazy.Not fun in the winter, but not much more fun in the hot summer either!

Hope you didnt lose to many trees around your area!

We were in our 8th day when we got power. Had a few smaller outages since. Lost 4 trees.We are enjoying a lovely turkey that was almost thawed by day 10.Very tasty. named him Artie, LOL

They say we lost 3000-4000 trees in Fredericton.

Lol…Artie eh?…..appropriate for sure.Long time with no power, and alot of trees gone that way….:(

Hopefully that’s the one and only storm that hits us this year!

We had crazy rain and ice falling from the sky 2 days ago. Looks like we getting more storms than Caribbean islands.

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