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Has anybody else noticed the far higher prices that Sunwing is charging this year vs last year for hotel reservations? (Hotel only. I don’t know about package deals)Last year, I booked at the Playa Caleta (not a great hotel, but good enough) from January 11th to 18th for $578. (2 people, hotel Only)This year, Jan 10 to 17th, Sunwing wants $860. Almost $300 more… I have been trying to book for the last month, but waiting for the price to drop. But it has not.I’m wondering what could be causing the dramatic price increase. True, the CAD$ has fallen a bit, but not enough to explain the dramatic price increase.The price increase is across the board, for all Varadero Hotels. Even the Internacional is priced higher, and we all know that place is nothing too fancy. It seems to have just filled up for that week too, so it’s not even an option of last resort anymore.I hypothesize that Sunwing is just charging more because Canada has experienced a particularly early and brutal winter… Maybe they have more Canadians booking southern vacations and willing to pay more.

Any other guesses?

It’s even more expensive if you book directly. That’s how it is in Cuba, for the most part. Canadian tour operators almost always have the lowest prices. They negotiate great deals in return for bringing over the most clients. But this year Sunwing does not seem to want to pass on the savings.

Even for Cuban travel agents who have clients in Cuba, it is always cheaper to have clients book their rooms via a Canadian operator over the internet, rather than book directly with hotels or use Cuba tour operator pre-negotiated rates.

Strange , I also book land only with Sunwing and don’t see a big difference for Cayo Coco for my Nov trip or for end of Jan Did you try Transat & Holasun ? or Pototo Tourist Service ?


I was hoping with the oil price crash of almost 50%, we would see Sunwing and the others remove their "fuel surcharge" but NONE have done that so far….of course!On top of that, the dollar is about 15% lower this winter give or take…so I would say expect overall higher prices this year when travelling south or anywhere for that matter, unless you can drive there…lol.

I agree with MonctonGuy. Expect prices to rise. I’m so glad that we booked really early for Galeones in April 2015. We paid $548 (all in) for 2 weeks. Today’s price is $878 which is a reduction from a week or so ago. I believe it was in the $1200 range. So we are good to go for the Spring. But for next fall? Only time will tell.

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