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I’m planning a wedding for April 2008 at Iberostar Varadero and I’m just wondering if I could have some feedback on the photographers and videographers at this resort. Any advice or preferences??? Should I ask for someone in particular?

We had Ebrium do our pics and Angelo do our dvds and both were fantastic. I would book them in advance but just FYI, we had friends get married there in April and they booked these two guys. They got Angelo for the dvd but not Ebrium for the pics and she was highly disappointed with her pics. So, sometimes even when you reserve months in advance your not 100% going to get who you want.

I got married in May 2007 at the IV. Ebrium doesn’t work there anymore. We had the crazy lady do our pics. They turned out beautiful, she was really good about not getting too many people in the background (funny story: my DH was saying his vows to me and she was yelling at someone to get out of the way so she could take his pic. So, on our video, we have her yelling in the middle of his vows!). The only thing I didn’t like was the pics are very posed, no fun casual ones, so make sure you have a guest that can take the fun candid shots. Also, when they are taking your pic, relax your face or else you get the squinty eye shots in all your beach pics. Also, have a guest with a list of poses you want (ie. you and mom, you and bro, etc). I forgot a bunch of people I wanted pics with because everything happens so fast, you forget things. The pics are 3 pesos each for 5×7, and 10pesos for an 8×10 that she chooses to get blown up. You tell her how many rolls of pics you want her to take (we got two rolls of 36 pics each). Also! buy the negatives! they are 10 pesos each. I did and then took the negatives to Blacks and had them put them on a disc so I could edit (ie. take out the swimmers in the background) and reprint pics really easily.We didn’t get the video (and are very happy we didn’t). We heard the guy was really intrusive (and believe me, the photographer is intrusive enough..she stands infront of the guests) even though the video is supposed to be really good. My brother did the video and did a great job of it!

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I think it is soooo important to get the video done of the wedding. Yes they are a bit intrusive to your guests…the videographer stood infront of us blocking some of our guests to capture our vows….but in years to come you will be sooo happy that you got it done.My husband and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and we watched our video at exactly 4pm (the time we started our ceremony) I LOVE THE VIDEO….you can look at pics, but watching your ceremony and being reminded of the love you shared that day is timeless! SOrry to be so cheesy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will love the IV, it was a great place to get married!!

I believe I have talked a few into getting the DVD and by all means I think we would all agree, best money ever spent. There is nothing like sitting down to watch the happiest day of your lives and to relive it. It’s amazing. I didn’t find the guy intrusive at all, it’s his job to capture the day for you and when you see it played back, it will be all worth it. Our guests still had ample opportunities for pics. I had a good friend of ours take some pics throughout the ceramony and the photographer didn’t mind. When we looked at our pics, and he took 120, we bought them all and in doing so we got the negatives and all our pics on a CD. We didn’t have to pay extra for the cd or the negatives. We could of bought any pics we wanted but off course opted for them all. We still would of gotten the negatives, I don’t think you should have to buy those, maybe do a little bartering with them.
sorry, I forgot to clarify….If you got 3 rolls of film you got the negatives at no charge.

It was good that my brother did the video. He did a great job, and felt he really had a huge part of the wedding, and he didn’t stand in front of the guests!

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