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We have traveled a lot of the Caribbean and then fell in love with Cuba and have been traveling different destinations for the last decade … but now time to try another destination.Costa Rica, we have been told is wonderful. Now to find a resort we will equally like. We have enjoyed SolMelia and in our 50’s we also enjoy a bit of the more luxurious pampering than the back-packing of our earlier travels.We do enjoy the all-inclusives of Cuba with activities and relaxation, enjoyable beaches all wrapped up in a get-a-way. We have been spoiled with the AI only because once there there are no cost concerns – while at destination it feels cost free.If we ventured into a non-AI resort/hotel for CR what would be reasonable for a 7 day budget for meals?Really appreciate your in put. Flying out of Toronto the 3 1/2 hour flight to Cuba is also a nice "commute" to paradise it is I believe 5 1/2 hours to either airport in Costa RicoSuggestions please ……..

Hey Amiga, check out Hotel Mangaby or the El Velero in Playa Hermosa. Both have websites, both are on our short list if we ever get out of this recession.

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