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For the first time in all my travels, I received my suitcase off the conveyor belt in Toronto last night to find the lock missing. It had been cut off and left in the bottom of my suitcase. I only noticed this when I got home and went to unpack. I wondered why my suitcase was taking so long getting to me; it was the very last one down the chute. My daughter’s was near the first bunch that arrived so mine should have been close to hers. Nothing was taken from my suitcase and everything was packed the same place I put them except for the lock. There was nothing to indicate that the suitcase was inspected except for the cut lock at the bottom under the clothes and snorkeling equipment. Since it took so long to get it at Pearson, I figure it had to be done on arrival. I wondered why they targeted my suitcase and since there was nothing inside that would set off alarms or be suspicious on x-ray, I wondered if the dogs smelled the "Off" mosquito repellent. The day before we left to come home, some huge red ants decided to take up residence. I freaked when I couldn’t shake them out on the balcony so my daughter took the mosquito repellent spray and "bombed" the entire suitcase. I didn’t want any stowaways coming aboard the plane or into my house. I figure it must have been the smell that may have alerted the airport dogs, although I couldn’t detect it myself after the flight. Has anyone else had their lock cut off before they retrieved their suitcase? I would have thought the authorities would have put a card inside saying the suitcase was opened for inspection. Incidentally, it was a lock that is the kind they have a universal key for but they cut it off anyway, rendering it useless now.

Hello TrilliumThat is very strange that the lock was cut off of your suitcase and there was no note attached saying the authorities had opened it for inspection.Also if the case was opened for inspection would the things inside of it not be all moved around and not in the same place as you had put them before locking your suitcase?!.I would call the airport and report this incident just in case it was not the authorities that cut the lock off and put it in the bottom of your suitcase. You would also think that the authorities would have used the universal key to unlock it and not cut the lock off.They may not have an answer for you but at least they will be alerted to what took place regarding your luggage.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………………

Thank you for your comment/advice Freedom Ryder. I will follow-up out of curiosity and for future reference if I can find a proper contact on the Toronto Pearson Airport webpage to address the issue.

Thank you for your comment/advice Freedom Ryder. I will follow-up out of curiosity and for future reference if I can find a proper contact on the Toronto Pearson Airport webpage to address the issue. Hello TrilliumGood Luck with addressing the issue of the ‘Cut off Lock’. I hope you can find something out as to why the lock was cut off in the first place.

Please keep us up to date with any information you receive on this issue. It would be very interesting to find out what actually took place regarding your luggage.

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Will do, Freedom Ryder. I did a Google search and found an email addy for the Pearson Airport Customer Service but it came back as address unknown and undeliverable so I’ve sent my query to the mailing address by snail mail, Canada Post. Will let you know if/when they respond.

Hi Trillium

Have you heard anything back yet form the Pearson Airport Customer Service?.

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It’s been not quite two weeks since I mailed the letter to the Pearson Airport Customer Service Department; the emails I sent were undeliverable. I don’t expect any response, really, but if they are courteous enough to answer my question, it will be at least a month or more I’m guessing. They must be plagued with complaints. I would just like to know what the standard operating procedure is in case it happens again. I figure they could have put a notice inside the bag at least. I’ll post any answer I get but I’m not holding my breath waiting. Thanks for following up, though.

I received a response from the Pearson Airport today reference the cut lock on my checked luggage and as promised, here is the update:——————————————————————————–

From: ZZG-Customer_Service [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, 24, May, 2007 11:39 AMTo: Subject: Toronto Pearson International AirportThank you for your email regarding your missing baggage lock while arriving with Air Transat at Toronto Pearson International Airport. . Although the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) operates and manages Toronto Pearson International Airport, baggage handling services is the responsibility of the Air Carrier; however we do appreciate you informing us of this occurrence. The Screening of checked departure baggage is conducted electronically by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) who employs a system that relays x-ray images of the baggage to an area that is separate from the baggage conveyors. In the event that a bag needs to be manually inspected, the airline and the owner of the bag are notified and inspection of the bag is conducted in a special viewing room with either the owner of the baggage or the police present. It is not standard procedure to inspect arrival baggage and your concerns have been forwarded to the Air Transat on-site Station Manager for her information and direct follow up with you. It is the goal of the GTAA to ensure that the travelling public receives the highest level of customer service and regret the inconvenience you encountered. Yours truly, Maria Customer Service QualityGreater Toronto Airports AuthorityThis message is intended only for the use of the intended recipients, and it may be privileged and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, retransmission, conversion to hard copy, copying, circulation or other use of this message is strictly prohibited and may be illegal. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify me immediately by return e-mail, and delete this message from your system. Thank you. I think I can properly assume from this response that it was a thief who cut the lock but, fortunately for me, found nothing of value/interest to take.

I have used locks on my luggage in past travels, but I guess now some carriers recommend that you do not use locks on your luggage. Air Transat has this info. on their website under the baggage section:~Passengers are urged to leave all of their checked baggage unlocked, to avoid the need to forcibly open bags that require further physical inspection. ~Passengers are advised to use cable or zip ties as an alternative to baggage locks. Good to know for my next trip, however not comforting considering the stories I have heard about people having items stolen from their suitcases.
Hola TrilliumThat is fantastic that your did notify Toronto Pearson International Airport about your luggage lock being cut off and that they have responded to your letter.At least now they know that there has been an issue with luggage locks being removed without their permission or the owners permission.Even though you did not have anything missing from your luggage it is still a concern when things like this happen and no one has had permission to remove the lock.I wonder how many others from that flight have had the same thing happen to their luggage.Now at least the issue can be dealt with and perhaps they can find or catch the person/s responsible for cutting off the locks and they can stop this from happening to any other travelers.

Thank You for keeping us updated on this situation and for bringing it to everyones attention.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………..

No further updates to report.

Regretably, to date, Air Transat has not responded to the letter sent them by Pearson Customer Service. It must be a lengthy investigation or they haven’t had time to deal with the issue. Maybe they just don’t care as long as it is not affecting their business, or maybe they are dealing with the situation privately, not wanting to discourage future business because there is a "theft" problem.

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