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barb1942 can you please come to this thread once you are back and let us know how was your trip? I hope you will have fabulous time in Cayo Coco where you can feel nice windy breeze on the beach! Enjoy your vacation!

Thank you so much !! Glad to hear about that breeze on the beach….we were a little bit worried about the heat (not TOO much lol !!! ) Will definitely report back, after we get home.

We are leaving for Marea del Portillo on July 22nd. This will be our 7th (8th?) trip South in the summer.It started as a last minute can’t miss deal so we did it on a whim, thinking that if it was just too darned hot, we wouldn’t do it again. YES it is STINKING HOT. So we pace ourselves accordingly, drink tons of water and spend more time in the shade.But there are a few things we love: 1) a resort mostly to ourselves; 2) a chance to mingle with tourists from other countries (Europe, Cuba) and not just Canadians getting away from the cold; 3) a chance to go on group tours with four other people rather than a "gang"; and 5) the cheapest vacation you can imagine! This summer we are paying less than $500. each for a full week at an AI in the sun. Can’t beat that!

Oh – I live in Northern Ontario – love it here, but can only look at so many cold lakes, rocks and trees. For those of us in the North, Cuba in the summer really is a good deal.

Pool is 86 today. Temps in the 80s and 90s. Fridge is full of beer and snacks and plenty of mint in the garden for mojitos. It’s Shark Week and the big deal is the Cuban-US hunt for big beasts in Cuban waters.If we were in a sweltering city or up in the fargin’ north like Hollydog and wanted to get away, I’d agree, GO, .. but here … this is just too nice to leave.

No hurricane this year is a bonus too, LOL

i do not mind heading to Cuba in the summer months even though it is hot. I love the fact that I do not have to travel to the airport in the snow and drag along winter clothing for the over night stay in Toronto. I just booked a vacation to Cuba for next week and I can not wait to get there!
Just got back from a great week in Cayo Coco ( the Colonial )……it WAS hot, but not unbearably so, and have to say that apart from meals (the buffet was nice and cool, and the ice cream was delicious !!), we spent most of the time in the water. We LOVED the peaceful salt water pools, and the beach, of course !! ┬áThe resort was very quiet for the first few days (despite the influx of 450 students…the dreaded S-trippers…who were transferred over from Tryp, but were strictly segregated at the opposite end of the resort from us.) On our final day (Saturday) things started to get busy with the arrival of a number of vacationing Cuban families. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, peaceful vacation, and we fell in love with the hotel itself and the fantastic staff, who combine warmth and friendliness with real efficiency. We had a very, very good time !!

barb1942 thank you very much for your comments and feedback. Glad that you had great time and that you loved hotel.

I went last summer, in August. It was great as we had a craptacular summer here last year.

We’re thinking of going on Aug. 31, just as a couples escape from our children and reality. Hopefully we can make it happen. Odds are good because the offspring don’t start school till the 7th or 8th of Sept.

Always spend summers here between our respective families in Qc and New Bee. Can’t beat new Brunswick beaches in July-Aug. Exquisite sunsets, warm waters AND lobster, what more can you ask for? (Sound like a tourism commercial, don’t I?) ????????????????

As for Cuba, have been as early as January ( not my favourite time), Feb-March and April (the latter ideal, imho) as well as Nov-Dec (surprisingly hot and muggy, welcomed relief from Da Frozen Nort!)

I just got back from Cuba, and I can say that I would defn go again during the summer if I was to take a weeks vacation in the summer again! I usually save all my weeks though for winter travels to get away from our terrible winters.You cant beat the price, the weather, resort was full but not crowded. And while it was almost as hot in NB when I got back as it was in Cuba, that is not the norm. We had a terrible summer last year and this summer hasn’t been great. We have had about 2 nice weeks so far.

And swimming anywhere around NB I consider cold and not enjoyable compared to being south. No comparison!

Hailing from Moncton myself, I can say that when you grow up summering with beach water at a certain temp, you get used to it.
Of course Cubans think we’re loco as all get out when they see us going in for an early morning or late day dip on an overcast January day lol

I grew up in NFLD, where if you wanted to swim, you kept your clothes on it was so cold…..I never got used to it.I guess with so many trips south to amazing beaches and warm waters, anytime I visit a beach in NB I am disappointed and the water seems so cold and yucky.

I usually visit a beach once every 2 years here, and that’s usually cause I have friends or family who want to go there. It’s not my thing. But once I am away south, I love it!

I am very rarely tempted into Canadian waters. It’s been warm enough this summer to swim in lakes and rivers here in northern Ontario, but you couldn’t pay me to try the Atlantic. The last time I attempted it was in the Northumberland Strait. Brr.

We leave a week from today.

Northumberland Strait…."warmest waters north of the Carolinas" is how they try to get people in the water here…..doesn’t work for me…haha

So wear a wetsuit already! Lol

I’ve enjoyed some very special Christmas celebrations at the Farallon.
The weather has always perfect. Christmas in Cuba is special indeed.

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