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Sunquest has reduced/removed their fuel surcharge until Dec. 21 ’09. That’s a bit of savings for us and it means we can go up a notch in resort cost/quality. The question I have is this: Does anyone have past experience when this happened with it being a GENUINE savings or will their prices go up, then back down within a week or two.I prefer to book our Jan. 7th vacation in early Jan to get last minute pricing because my betting is that prices will generally go lower (unless we get a huge snowstorm) HOWEVER, the $180. savings may be worth grabbing the deal now if it is indeed going up and staying there. Worth noting that fuel prices have been trending lower but that’s another topic.

Appreciate any past experiences with the fuel surcharge savings issue as this is likely to be the same this time.

Hi dax and welcome to Debbie’s.Where are you looking to book?From where?

We’re out of Toronto and still up in the air on the best ‘bang for the buck’ but probably Bahia Principe Tulum in Mexico. Been to lots of DR & Cuba and looking for decent food this time. Checked ALL the options that I can find including Buffalo & Detroit. We’d prefer a smaller place but not a lot of choice in the area.

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