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We just returned from a 2 week stay at the Sunset beach Resort and it was wonderful.We would recommend it to anyone!Everyone of the staff were so nice and nothing was ever too much trouble for them.I did complain about their supper buffet to the manager one night that there was no variety and was almost always the same as the lunch buffet. I had suggested a few things they could have served like ham and scalloped potatoes or maybe a potatoe salad instead of their pasta ones all the time. The very next day guess what we had? Ham and scalloped potatoes and potatoe salad was then served at lunches. It was wonderful and I did hear other tourist commenting on how good it was also. Before we left we had checked on the internet for comments and that was the majority of the complaints. However, why complain after the fact? Did any of you that complained talk to anyone there with authority? You can’t blame the hotel if no one complains to them, why would they not think that everyth!
ing was great when no one had complained to them? I didn’t feel it was fair to the hotel to do that,instead I chose to speak to the manager and he couldn’t have been any nicer. After that the meals were terrific!!!

The room was spotless, nothing fancy but who needs that? THe first day we arrived our a/c didn’t work, we called the desk and someone was up within 15 min.Obviously that fellow thought he had fixed it but it still wasn’t working, so we went to the desk again. They offered to give us another room but we felt it had to be fixed for the next people anyway so we were willing to have them send someone else. That day we came back from the pool and walked into a nice cool room!

Restaurants and Bars::
ALl the waiters,and waitresses were unbelievable. So friendly. I think some of us Canadians should go watch them just to take notes!! They were always smiling and took the time to talk with everyone.

All of this was spotless!! Smoking was allowed everywhere ( except right in the restaurant itself) and yet you never saw a cigarette butt on the floor or grounds and ashtrays were always kept emptied.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
Yes, we did a couple of tours and again, it was the staff of the tours that made it so much fun.

Other Comments::
Our sun-wing tour guide was also so much help and was at the hotel every day in case anyone needed her. Her name was Catherine and she gave us great suggestions and made all our arrangements for us and always with a huge smile.We will definetly go back and stay at the same resort. It was also great for families and there were lots there with small children which we had wondered if we would want that, BUT,it is so spread out and lots of pools that kids were never a problem and they sure enjoyed their stay as well, lots for everyone to do all day long if you wanted to participate. Also, don’t let people tell you that you are not safe off the resort!! The people were wonderful, we were safe at all times. We can’t wait to go back!!

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