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Second time in Jamaica, first time at Sunset Beach Resort. Will definitely come hear again.

Your Arrival: Modern Airport. Arrival to the resort was very fast, only two other couples in the shuttle bus. Check in and out very simple.

We were to have a lagoon view room in one of the towers, at the check in we were told that we have a guest room suit. I did not know of the two guest room areas(Beach Inn) near the water park and Italian restaurant. Nice surprise. Room was very comfortable. Staff excellent.

Restaurants and Bars: Main buffet; excellent choice of food and lots of tables(resort was full capacity). Friendly servers, always willing to help and chit-chat. Italian restaurant; Very good, again the servers went out of there way to see that we were having a good vacation. Asian restaurant: very good Sunset Grill; Snacks, Chicken, burgers… Very good

All Bars easy to get yourself served.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Lets start with the Beaches; The beach was very good for snorkelling, lots to see, specially in the morning. The sea was very calm. Make sure to see the sun set and get your pictures taken. If you like long walks on the beach, not the place for it, limited. We walked also off the resort and down the road, past some good shopping near the port for cruise ships. Now the pools: Lots of room at the different pools. We spent a lot of time at the ‘themed water park’ that features water slides and lazy river. (be prepared for lots of Sun)

The Grounds; very nice with many plants and different trees, Banana trees and see if you can find the Ackee Tree but do not touch its fruit, could make you sick. Lots of free space on this resort, nice. Grounds are very well keep, and a joy to the eye.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We walked a couple of times off the resort and down the road. About a twenty minutes walk you will see a shopping centre to your left hand side of the road. Souvenir shops with good prices. Cruise ships disembark nearby. Taxis come by steady to see if you need a ride. We also went into Montego Bay(Hip Strip). With AirCanada we booked a tour into the city for 10$ U.S. each. there was four of us. Our driver was very friendly gentleman. He drove us to three different areas. One was up on the hill overlooking the bay, the other was at the Hip Strip(shops and restaurants also the Margaritaville.) There is a free shuttle from the resort to Margaritaville, but it is in the evening. Good for the Bar seen and late shopping. And the last spot was like a small village of shops. Our drive was in no rush and let us make the schedule.

All four of us just wanted to do a little shopping and then back to the Beach. Our driver was very informative and a Joy to talk with.

Other Comments: We have traveled much over the years and try to enjoy the differences a Country has to offer. Jamaica has a very calming effect for us. The Sunset Beach Resort is an all around excellent place for a vacation, couples, families, singles, Young and old will all find a special spot to enjoy at this resort. Take the time to talk with the Jamaicans you meet, they will bless you. Oh yes, on your walks near the shops in the city they will ask you to "take a look in my shop", if you have the time take a fast look and say Thanks, they will be blest. And if you don’t have the time a simple "not today" works.

If you like a little Jamaican History and information go to tea time. The piano player will bless you.

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