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Does anyone have the name/email address of someone "high up" at Sunwing. I have been trying to resolve a very legitimate complaint for several months now and appear to be getting nowhere through the normal customer service channels.

Colin Hunter is owner / president !!! Send registered letter !!!

Thanks for the info. I will try this approach as I am very frustrated with my dealings with Sunwing so far. I have chosen not to discuss the incident on any travel forums to this point to give Sunwing a chance to come through, however this is my last attempt to be reasonable with them.

Toronto Head Office:Stephen P. HunterChief Operating Officer Sunwing Vacations 27 Fasken Drive Toronto,Ontario M9W 1K6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Hotline: 1.800.761.1711 Local: 416.620.3380 Fax: 416.620.4433

Thanks Trillium. I just mailed my registered letter to Colin Hunter this morning before I saw your response. Hopefully I will get some kind of positive response from Sunwing!

Did you get anykind of a response? Can you tell us now?

Yes. I received a response from the National Director of Reservations and Customer Service at Sunwing a couple of weeks after their receipt of my registered letter. Without going into the details, this was a very legitimate complaint which has now been resolved to my satisfaction.

…too bad you all but had to stand on your head to get them to address it. ‘Nuff said

Probably my fault that it took so long to resolve – I should have contacted someone in a more senior position instead of just dealing with the regular customer service personnel.
At least they came through in the end and I hope to enjoy many future trips with Sunwing.

That is great that your problem was finally resolved to your satisfaction.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………………

Just returned from a Sunwing trip to Cuba out of Toronto – My checked baggage was 29 kilos they charged me $ 180.00 The plane wasfour hours late arriving in Manzanillo so I had a four hour stand by charge as my family did not have full payment – not a happy camper !!!

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